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What kind of glamping experience are you after?

If you’re not sure whether spending the night under canvas is your thing, why not test the waters with glamping?
Glamping is pretty much what it says on the tin: glamorous camping. No pitching, pumping air beds or discovering your tent isn’t waterproof in the dead of night! This is a camping-lite experience that lets happy glampers embrace the great outdoors in luxurious surroundings.
Glamping accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes so, to help you settle on the type of experience you’re after, here are Team GP’s top spots...
For those seeking luxury

Burrowed in a private glade and surrounded by 45 acres of woodland in Shropshire is The Star Dome, a luxurious retreat with panoramic views over a staggering eight counties. This unique geo-dome has its own stargazing window, so is perfect for amateur astronomers. Relax and admire the constellations in front of a crackling fire, or spot shooting starts from your own private outdoor hot tub (glass of bubbly optional!).
For families


Let’s put an end to Britain’s throwaway culture!

UK households throw away a staggering 24 million slices of bread every single day – that’s a million pieces every hour! But bread is – quite literally – just a small slice of a much larger food waste problem plaguing Britain. Food waste costs households around £10 billion each year, but it’s not just our bank balances suffering, it’s our planet too. By being more savvy with saving food, you can help to slow down global warming and deforestation, and limit unnecessary waste. Three ways you can be more resourceful (and less wasteful) with your food include: 1. Shopping small If you load your shopping trolley with perishables like fresh fruit and veg during the weekly shop, there’s a good chance some of it will actually have gone off by the time you get to the end of the week. Instead, try a smaller shop more regularly. Waitrose’s Food and Drink Report 2017-18 suggests consumers are shunning the big weekly shop in favour of more regular visits to the supermarket – as often as once per day. …

5 ways to add a dose of adventure to your summer holidays

Sure, holidays are a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy some much-deserved downtime, but they’re also a great opportunity to explore a new area and test out any local activities on offer. Adding a sprinkling of adventure will make your holiday a trip to remember – besides, if you’re travelling with kids, there’s no way they’ll let you sit on that sun lounger all week!
In need of a little inspiration? Here’s how you can add a dose of adventure to this year’s summer holiday:
1.Take to the skies

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flyboard! It looks like something from the future, but this jetpack allows you to experience human flight as you glide over the water, dipping in and out like a dolphin coming up for air. This activity is guaranteed to give you a mighty adrenaline rush; but if you and your kids prefer something more subdued, soak in the views from way up high on a parascending experience.
2.Set sail

Land ahoy! Whether you’re watching out for wildlife, admiring the bay or cruis…

Infographic: The Lifespan of a Battery


Geocaching: everything you need to know about the world’s largest treasure hunt!

Blending technology with exploration, geocaching is an exciting outdoor activity that’s become extremely popular in recent years. If you’re yet to try it, here’s a brief explanation of what it is, followed by some final tips before you set off on your big adventure...
What exactly is geocaching?
Geocaching is essentially a modern version of an age-old recreational activity known as ‘letterboxing’ – with the addition of tech. People hide boxes, called ‘caches,’ in different locations and others hunt for them using GPS.
Each cache is recorded on the official free geocaching app and contains a log book to sign and date once you’ve located it. Many of the boxes contain small knick-knacks for trading, too. Once you’ve placed the box back in its original position, you can later record your find on the app and share your adventures on social media – fellow geocachers will be keen to read about your experience!
Geocaching in numbers
There are around three million geocaches hidden all over the wor…

GP’s guide to family tent buying

There are several items to add to your family camping checklist, but perhaps the most important is the canvas that will protect you: your tent! It can seem like a big outlay, but a quality tent is likely to last you for many years to come.
Take it from us: tent shopping can be great fun for all the family! After all, that tent will soon become your holiday home; a place where you and your children will make lifelong memories. To make sure you purchase the best tent for your needs, take a look at our handy guide...
3 crucial things to consider before you start shopping:
1.Size and space
Are you a family of rock climbers who’ll need space to store your kit? Will your pet dog be kipping in the porch? Your tent needs to comfortably accommodate all the family (plus any four-legged friends), and then some. Generally speaking, a four-person tent will only just fit four people inside it, so it’s always worth buying a size or two up.
2.Camping style
If you’re an adventurous bunch and plan to jo…

Infographic: Introducing the brand new GP Charge AnyWay!


7 tips for the ultimate family bike ride

When it comes to family bonding activities, few things beat a good old bike ride. With the days getting lighter and warmer, cycling offers a great way for kids and parents to stay active while embracing the great outdoors. Plus, pick your routes wisely, and you’ll get to discover and explore a whole new area with every ride.
But before you pedal off, take a look at Team GP’s top tips for a super-successful family bike ride...
1. MOT time

If your bikes have been gathering dust in the garage or shed for several months, you’ll need to inspect and service them. Maintenance tasks involve everything from pumping and patching up tyres, to replacing brake pads and lubricating the chains. If you need some help or want to give the bikes a proper MOT, invest in a decentbike repair manual.
2. My, haven’t you grown!

Inconvenient as it is, kids have a tendency of growing! A bike that fit them perfectly last summer might not this year. The easiest way to check is to measure up using abike size chart, wh…