Top 6 European festivals worth making the trip for

We’re now fast approaching our favourite time of year here at Team GP: Festival Season. This year, though, we’re thinking that it might be a good idea to explore some festivals further afield in Europe.
While the music festivals here in the UK are undoubtedly hard to beat, there are some incredible experiences to be found on the continent. Combine with a holiday, and you’ll really be getting your money’s worth from your flights! Here are the European festivals that top our must-see list in 2019…
1. We Love Green, France, 1 – 2 June

As its name suggests, Paris' We Love Green Festival is as much about inspiring its visitors to think more about their impact on their environment as it is providing them with a good time.From its innovative take on eco-toilets to its scarce use of plastic and workshops on sustainable living, this is one eco-friendly festival worth getting on the plane for.
In addition to its progressive ethics, We Love Green also boasts a line-up that can match the best…

Top 7 tips for the ultimate spring picnic

It’s that time of year when the first rays of sunshine send families throughout the UK scurrying to the great outdoors with a hamper of goodies for a spot of al fresco dining. But, as with barbecues, they’re always better when you’re well-prepared. Read on for Team GP’s top tips on what to pack for the ultimate spring picnic. Bon appetit! A comfy seat After months of winter, it takes more than one sunny afternoon to warm up the earth. You’ll be glad of something to sit on – and an inflatable seat in a range of bright colours will do the job nicely. But for lazy lounging, you can’t beat a portable hammock. Just sling it between a couple of trees, and you’ve got the perfect perch from which to watch the world go by. Your favourite tunes If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll take nothing more than your trusty guitar for a good old singalong. But if your tastes are more modern, then Kef has a great range of wireless Bluetooth speakers. Just connect one to your phone and enjoy your own …

8 easy swaps for an eco-friendly home

At long last, Britain is waking up to the dangers of plastic waste and air pollution. A recent poll revealed that a whopping 81% of UK adults are concerned about the need to cut down their plastic use.
There are somescary facts out there that highlight the current issue of waste – for example, did you know that by 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic waste (by weight) than fish?
There’s no doubt that we all need to give more thought to what we put in the bin. So, tying in with Earth Day on 22 April – an annual event held to demonstrate support for environmental protection – Team GP have put together some easy swaps to help you maintain an eco-friendlier home. Which one will you try first?
1.Sponge scourer

Your typical kitchen sponge is made from polyurethane, a petroleum-based material that can’t be recycled or composted. So that means it’ll end up in landfill – for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
This pack of two donut-shaped, biodegradable and highly durable multi-purpose sco…