Top toys for Christmas 2018

If you’ve got young kids in the family, they’ve probably made a good start on their Christmas lists already. But if they (and you) are in need of a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favourite toys for 2018, from smaller prezzies to big gifts. Just don’t forget the batteries!
Baby Alive Real As Can Be (RRP £99.99)

She wriggles, giggles, babbles and gurgles… with more than 80 lifelike movements, expressions and sounds, Baby Alive Real As Can Be is a very convincing fake! She’s the perfect present for little mummies and daddies, and arrives with accessories including a bib, bottle and blanket.
FurReal Friends Ricky the Trick-Lovin’ Pup (RRP £99.99)

If they’d rather have a furry friend than a babbling baby, Ricky the Pup is the next best thing to a genuine dog! He loves performing cool tricks for treats – like balancing a bone on his nose – and he responds with more than 100 sound and motion combinations. He’s guaranteed to steal the show on Christmas day.
Nerf Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurs…

In the spotlight: 6 reasons why you need a head torch this winter

A head torch is the one accessory you never knew you needed – until now! Not only will having one help you to see, but it’ll help others to see you. Plus, it could prove very useful when you need both hands free.
GP’s head torches are lightweight, water resistant and fit perfectly on your head (shake your head – it’ll stay put!). Here are six compelling reasons to treat yourself or a loved one to one this winter:
1. Light up your runs

You don’t have to ditch running outside just because it’s dark, but there are some extra steps you can take to stay safe. They include investing in a decent head torch which will illuminate your route to make sure it’s hazard-free. You’ll essentially be running with a light around your head, so it’s much more practical than holding a torch in your hand. Head torches should be no heavier than 200g for running; GP’s come in at around 110g!
2. ...and your dog walks

If walking your dog regularly leads you off the beaten track, a head torch is essential for naviga…

Tips on planning a stress-free family skiing trip

Planning on hitting the slopes this winter? From arranging airport transfers to purchasing lift passes and hiring equipment, ski trips require a little more organisation than a standard two-week holiday in the sun.
So, we thought we’d share our top planning tips to make sure your family skiing trip is as smooth as those snow-covered slopes...
Get the timing right

The main ski season kicks off after Christmas, though travelling before the New Year could bag you a cheap deal on your trip, plus you’ll beat the crowds. That said, you don’t want to turn up to a snowless resort, so choose higher-altitude spots if you’re travelling out of season. This Iglu Skisnow history report dates back five years and shares previous monthly snowfall in popular resorts, giving you a good idea of where to head for the best chance of snow.
Get the location right

You’ve narrowed down your resort options based on the time of year you’re travelling, but there’s more to picking the perfect ski destination. The rig…

8 scary facts about waste

‘Tis the season of all things scary, so we thought we’d get into the ‘spirit’ of things by sharing eight frightening facts about waste. Some of them are pretty shocking, but fear not - there are things that can be done to reduce our impact on the environment...
1. The amount of waste generated in the UK could fill Lake Windermere in just eight months

Lake Windermere is Britain’s biggest lake, but the rubbish produced in the UK could fill it up entirely in just eight months. While we’re all bound to create waste, what’s important is for us to limit it as much as possible by following the three R's: reduce, reuse, recycle. That goes for at home and at work – read our tips for going green in the office here.
2. Every year we throw away over 600 million batteries
Single-use batteries are clogging up landfill sites, which is why we’re encouraging customers to make the switch to rechargeables, which can be reused hundreds of times (and often well over a thousand times!).
3. UK households bi…

A fright to remember: GP’s top 7 Halloween decorations

Is it your turn to freak out friends and family this year for Halloween? For your party to be utterly spooktacular, you need to deck out your house in terrifyingly good decorations – just don’t forget those batteries!
1.Flying ghost – RRP £19.99
Boo! Having a ghost mysteriously float past your guests is guaranteed to make them recoil and shriek in horror! This battery-powered ghoul plays a spooky sound as it glides through the air, travelling up to four metres – making it perfect for the hallway to freak out guests as soon as they arrive!
2.Halloween maid – RRP £30.00

With her light-up eyes, moving jaw and “Get out and stay away!” remark, this is one maid you don’t want in your house! But that’s what makes her the perfect Halloween guest – place her by your front door to welcome arrivals, or in your porch to surprise trick-or-treaters.
3.Moving bat – RRP £23.95

Watch out! This ghastly-looking bat flaps its wings, moves its head and has demon-like eyes that flash red. Its monstrous laughter …