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GP’s essential family camping checklist

According to the Great Britain Tourism Survey, between January and November 2017, a whopping 11.6 million camping and caravanning trips were made in Britain, proving that we really are a nation of happy campers.
Maybe it’s the back-to-basics experience that makes camping so magical, giving us all time to switch off from our busy lives and spend some quality time with our families. That is, after we’ve overcome the challenge of pitching the tent!
If you’re planning a camping trip this year, we’ve put together a handy checklist of eight essential items you definitely shouldn’t leave home without:
1.Berghaus Intrepid 1000 sleeping bag

You’ll all be as snug as bugs in rugs with this mummy sleeping bag, which is filled with high-powered insulation, making it super warm. It’s made using lightweight materials so is easy to carry, and has multiple pockets for storing your tech, torch, PowerBank and bedtime book!
2.Hi Gear Camper self-inflating mat

Move over bulky airbeds… this sleeping mat is comfy…

Want to get organised at both home and work? Introducing the brand new GP Charge AnyWay

Technology is so intertwined with our everyday lives that we often take it for granted. In fact, it generally takes something to go wrong – like our smartphone running out of power when we need it most – for us to realise just how much we depend on our digital companions.
From smartphones and tablets; torches to radios, we rely on our tech whether we’re at home, in the office or on the move.
The GP Charge AnyWay
Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you want to be sure that your tech never lets you down. And for that, you need to invest in the innovative, all-in-one power solution from GP Batteries: the GP Charge AnyWay.
Power problems are a thing of the past with the Charge AnyWay, which can boost batteries for battery-powered devices and top-up tech that’s charged via USB. Here are some of the ways that it could prove extremely useful around the home, as well as in the office...
Around the home

Both AA and AAA batteries can be found in devices in almost every room of the house – fo…

6 top tips on hiking with kids

Going on a family hike can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience for kids and adults alike. But there’s a certain amount of prep involved if you want your adventure to go without a glitch (read: you want to stop your children having a meltdown/refusing to take another step mid-hike!).
To guarantee a happy hike for all, heed these six top tips, courtesy of the GP team:
1. Load up with healthy snacks

Hiking is harder work for little legs, so make sure you pack plenty of nutritious snacks for your kids to enjoy as and when they need them. Sugar-laden treats like chocolate bars and sweets will ultimately lead to energy crashes, so instead opt for rice crackers with peanut butter, veg sticks, chopped fruit, homemade energy balls and your very own trail mix, made with raw pecans, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and unsweetened cherries or raisins. And don’t forget plenty of water! Dehydration is a big no-no, especially with younger members of the family in tow, so make sure everyone has …

Top 7 family-friendly festivals 2018

Dust off your camp chairs, wellies and tents… in a few short months, family festival season will be upon us! While there’s never any guarantee of balmy weather, summer in the UK is nothing short of spectacular, thanks to its cracking lineup of action-packed festivals.
You name it, there’s a weekend celebration for it – from music and comedy, to food, drink, arts and more. For family festival-goers, there’s a particularly stellar selection of events on offer, meaning there’s just as much going on for the kids as there is for us grown-ups! Here are GP’s top seven child-friendly festivals:
Latitude (12th-15th July)

Latitude is as hot on comedy as it is on music, with headline acts The Killers, alt-J and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man joining funnymen and women Bridget Christie, Harry Hill and David O’Doherty. This Suffolk festival has a real family feel, boasting designated kids and teen zones and an enchanted garden packed with activities for all ages. It’s also the only festival where bright pink shee…

GP’s final countdown to the London Marathon

On Sunday, April 22nd, tens of thousands of lycra-clad enthusiasts will descend upon the capital’s streets to take part in one of its most famous, annual events: the London Marathon. It’s a true test of physical and mental strength – but ask any former participant and they’ll tell you, the feeling of euphoria they get when they cross that finish line is impossible to beat.
If you’re taking part in this year’s race, chances are you’re already weeks or months into your training programme. But the GP team thought it could be useful to offer some final preparation tips to make sure you’re in top race condition…
1 month to go: the ‘big one’

Arguably the scariest part of the training plan, your one-and-only ‘big run’ should ideally be completed one month before the marathon. It’ll give you a good taster of what it’ll feel like on race day and you’ll be able be see if your nutrition strategy is working. Treat it like the actual race day: eat a healthy, carb-based dinner the night before, get u…