Want to get organised at both home and work? Introducing the brand new GP Charge AnyWay

Technology is so intertwined with our everyday lives that we often take it for granted. In fact, it generally takes something to go wrong – like our smartphone running out of power when we need it most – for us to realise just how much we depend on our digital companions.

From smartphones and tablets; torches to radios, we rely on our tech whether we’re at home, in the office or on the move.

The GP Charge AnyWay

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you want to be sure that your tech never lets you down. And for that, you need to invest in the innovative, all-in-one power solution from GP Batteries: the GP Charge AnyWay.

Power problems are a thing of the past with the Charge AnyWay, which can boost batteries for battery-powered devices and top-up tech that’s charged via USB. Here are some of the ways that it could prove extremely useful around the home, as well as in the office...

Around the home

Both AA and AAA batteries can be found in devices in almost every room of the house – for instance, in the remote control in your living room, the alarm clock in your bedroom  – and don’t forget the shower radio in your bathroom.

Rather than waiting for your single-use batteries to run flat, you could have a constant stream of rechargeable batteries charging with the Charge AnyWay. This means you’ll never again be caught short during a power cut, only to find your torch has run out of batteries!  

As well as rechargeable batteries being more practical, they are an economical and environmentally friendly choice, too. Re-use your batteries and you won’t be contributing to the approximate 600 million batteries Recycle More says we throw out every single year.

If you have kids, then the Charge AnyWay could save you a fortune as, let’s face it, most toys require batteries but very rarely are they actually included. The Charge AnyWay will also be your saving grace for those long car journeys, when you need to keep the portable games devices topped-up to prevent your kids from proclaiming, “I’m bored!”

In the office

In the office, the Charge AnyWay is the ultimate desk accessory, helping you to stay well-organised by ensuring that you’ll always have batteries to hand – particularly useful if you have a wireless keypad or mouse.

Then, when you need to leave the office on a business trip, simply slip the portable Charge AnyWay into your laptop case and take it on the journey with you. Use your smartphone or tablet to make calls, reply to emails and navigate to your clients’ offices, without worrying that your tech will die later on when you’re mid-way through that important presentation.

If you regularly venture overseas, on both business and pleasure, the Charge AnyWay is completely travel safe as it’s lithium-free. This means that it can be carried in your hand luggage on a plane or stored in the hold for use later on.

However, whenever and wherever you use your batteries and your devices, the Charge AnyWay will be the perfect companion.


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