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Top 10 UK summer picnic spots – as voted for by YOU!

We know we’re not the only ones who love a good ol’ picnic. There’s something hugely humbling about unravelling a tartan rug in the great outdoors, and sharing food and laughter with our friends and family.
In fact, we know we’re not the only ones who enjoy picnicking as a popular pastime, because we asked you to share your favourite summer UK picnic spots with us – and almost 800 of you replied on our Facebook page alone! Thank you!
As much as we’d love to, we can’t share all of your suggestions, but you can browse the list for yourself and see what takes your fancy. Here are 10 of the best summertime picnic spots that caught our attention – wicker hampers at the ready…
1. Giant’s Causeway, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway is an iconic, UNESCO World Heritage Site – and according to you guys, it’s also a great place to enjoy lunch! On a still day, picnickers can tuck into a sarnie perched on one of the 40,000 basalt columns , but if it’s gusty, you might…

Keep cool and carry on! How to survive a heatwave

While some people will happily bask in endless days of sunshine, many people find it hard to cope with the relentless heat and humidity. So, what can you do to prevent yourself from melting under the blazing sun? Try these eight tricks for starters…
1. Go fan mad

If you’ve got them, switch on box and ceiling fans, which will encourage cool, fresh air to circulate around your home. The Intsun handheld fan will help you to keep your cool during those sweaty commutes (don’t forget to buy your GP rechargeable batteries!), while this Sealey desk fan will provide a welcome breeze at work should the aircon go into meltdown. And don’t forget the little ones! We love this cute teddy-bear portable fan, which is safe for younger members of the family.
Why spend a fortune on an AC unit at home when you can make one for free!? Fill up a shallow bowl with ice cubes, place it in front of your fan and voila! As the ice melts and evaporates, cool and crisp air will fill the room. Bliss!
3. Spra…

Top 10 holiday items you never knew you needed...until now!

Your summer holiday may be only days away, but that suitcase isn’t going to pack itself! If you find packing particularly stressful, worry not, because the GP team is here to help.
Make a list, check it twice…
The key to stress-free stowing is to write a list before opening up your suitcase. There are endless checklists on the web you can print off telling you to pack sun cream, guide books and flip-flops – so we’ve put together some of those less obvious items that may not be on those lists, but are definitely worth including:
1. Secrid wallet and card protector

Enjoying a city break? If so, these nifty mini wallets are practical, lightweight and will protect against the fraudulent use of your cards via NFC, leaving you to soak in the sights safe in the knowledge your belongings are protected.
2. Swim accessories
Be the envy of fellow holidaymakers and up your swimming game with this smart IntexMesh Mat, a lightweight and compact lilo that will keep you cool in the sea or pool. If you’re…