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Going away for Christmas? How to secure your home

Christmas is a time of merriment and cheer. But, unfortunately, the festive period also tends to see a spike in home burglaries. According to figures, break-ins are 43% more likely to happen during November and December.

Thieves are after pricey presents and a house that looks unoccupied can be particularly tempting. So, if you’re going away over the Christmas break, it’s really important to bolster your home’s security before you leave. Here are some useful tips:

1. Make your home look lived in

Give the impression that someone’s in (even when they’re not) with timers that will turn your lights on automatically during the evenings. It’s also worth asking a trusted neighbour to draw and open your curtains while you are away, gather any newspapers or flyers stuffed through your letterbox and generally keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour.

2. Hide valuables and gifts

Top 8 Christmas gadgets

With Christmas on the horizon, there’s a good chance you’ve already started tackling present shopping. Or, at the very least, you’ve written your to-buy list.

If you’re wondering what to buy someone who loves their gizmos, the GP team has done all the hard work, so you don’t have to! Here are eight gadgets so good, they might make it onto our own Christmas wish lists...
INSTAX mini 9 Instant Camera – £59.99

Snap and print miniature pics of memorable moments instantly with this clever, compact camera. The selfie mirror and close-up lens make the INSTAX perfect for casual, festive portraits of the family - cheesy Christmas jumpers optional!
Haier Codo Handy Portable Stain Remover – £12.99

Hailed as the world’s first portable washing machine, this cheap and cheerful gadget is a perfect gift for the accident prone. For use on emergency spillages, the Codo quite literally pushes stains out of fabric with its pulsating head and water injection.
Laser X – £43.99

Like a game of tag, but with a te…

Ever thought about how much you rely on batteries at home?

It’s true what they say: you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. It’s only when the clock stops ticking or remote control fails to change the channel that we realise just how much we rely on batteries to power up our tech.
Batteries fuel our modern lives and around the home, you’d be surprised at how many gadgets need a boost from a handful of AAs or AAAs. Here are some of the most popular…
Smoke detector

A staple safety device in every home, smoke alarms should be checked on a regular basis and the batteries changed once a year.

A torch is an essential homeowner tool and a great backup if you were to ever experience a powercut.
Remote control