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6 top tips for flying with little ones

Your long-awaited family holiday is almost here. But before you’re able to feel the sand between your toes, swim in the sea or relax on a lounger with book in hand (and cocktail in the other), there’s the small matter of getting to your destination.
The very thought of flying with young children is enough to instil fear in many parents, but it needn’t be a nightmare. With some careful planning and clever tricks up your sleeve, time in the air will (quite literally) fly by – and you’ll be in that pool quicker than you can say “inflatable flamingo”! Here are GP’s top tips for keeping kids happy – helping you to have a stress (and tantrum) free flight:
1. Battle boredom in departures
Liven up the departure lounge experience for your little one with their own rideable Trunki suitcase. Available in a range of designs, these dinky cases stop little legs  growing tired and have plenty of space for snacks, games, colouring books, tech, sugar-free lollipops (to help with painful ears) and wet wi…

How to get ready for festival season

Glastonbury might not be on this year, but that doesn’t matter – there are plenty of other awesome festivals to fill the void!
The UK’s festival calendar is jam-packed, with new events springing up each year. There are festivals celebrating everything from music, theatre and comedy, to dance, literature, food and drink. There really is something for everyone – families included.
So, you’ve dusted off your backpack, dug out your wellies and set up your festival WhatsApp group, which is already pinging away. But here are some final tips from Team GP to help your festival experience be one you won’t forget (for all the right reasons)...
Upgrade your gear

Think back to your last festival: remember how your decade-old tent leaked and left a puddle in the awning? Or how you had to botch a big tear in the side with some gaffer tape? These are sure signs that your tent needs upgrading! There are plenty of affordable tents out there that will keep you comfortable and dry after a day of dancing, …

Cool 2-in-1 products you won’t be able to resist!

Time for a new toy? On GP’s radar this week are 2-in-1 products that are space saving, life simplifying and make for great gift ideas (for you or someone else!). Oh, and did we mention that as well as offering dual functionality, they’re also great fun? So, without further ado...
Hoverboard AND go-kart

Swegways (from £249) have exploded onto the UK scene, becoming immensely popular almost overnight. With Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Lily Allen all spotted riding one, buying your own Swegway means you’ll be rolling with the stars! This gadget is already 2-in-1, owing to the in-built bluetooth speaker that allows you to whizz around whilst listening to your favourite tunes. But you can also buy a HoverKartKit (from £99.99), which transforms two wheels to three in a matter of seconds. Accelerate, brake and turn from the comfort of your driver’s seat – with some practising, you can even pull wheelies!
Chair AND tent

For those expeditions where packing light is a priority, the Kamp-Rite (£…