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GP’s top tips for making this Christmas the best one ever!

No matter how good last Christmas was, we always try everything within our power to make the next one even better. Luckily for you, Team GP is ready to share our top tips on how you can get prepared in advance and make this Christmas the best one ever!
Let’s get straight to it – after all, the best Christmas ever won’t organise itself…
Plan that Christmas movie in advance

While we’re huge fans of the great outdoors, sometimes you can’t beat a lazy day curled up on the sofa watching Christmas films. With an Amazon Fire Stick (RRP £39.99), you won’t even need to move off the sofa to change the DVD or Blu-Ray! Downloadable apps on the Fire Stick include Netflix, Prime Video, and more. As long as you have an active subscription, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to Christmas films via these streaming services. And there’s no need to type the movie you want into the search bar – just ask Alexa!
Make your Christmas movie session even more special by treating everyone to a luxury hot cho…

Inspirational stocking fillers for all the family

There are few better sights in life than a Christmas stocking full of presents, begging to be unwrapped! The gifts inside don’t have to be expensive; it’s the not knowing what’s underneath the wrapping paper that makes it so exciting.
That said, however, you still want to make sure that your stocking fillers are going to be appreciated by the recipient. If you’re struggling for ideas, fear not – Team GP is here to provide some inspirational stocking fillers for all the family!
For the…

If there’s one thing that ties all teens together it’s the love of their phones. However you feel about their dependence on technology, it’s the times we now live in – so ensure their smartphones always have charge with a mobile charger this Christmas. The powerful GP M-Series PowerBank (RRP £29.99) is compatible with both Apple and Android devices, and teens are sure to love the range of stylish bright colours combined with their sleek appearance. Not only that, but they charge up to three devices…

Top Christmas Gadgets 2018

Who doesn’t love a gadget at Christmas? Nowadays there’s a gadget for every type of person, from the outdoor adventurer to the fashionista. However, whether you’re doing the gifting or the receiving, you might be in need of some inspiration. So, Team GP has come up with the top Christmas gadgets for 2018 – and there’s something for everyone!
For the…
Music lover

Bluetooth speakers come at every price point – but for those who really love their music, it pays to look towards the top end of the market. The KEF MUO Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (RRP £149.99) has significantly dropped in price in the last year, but it still packs the same punch. The MUO matches style with performance to leave any music lover completely immersed in the sounds.

Pretty much everyone who pulls on a virtual reality (VR) headset for the first time is blown away by what they see. The technology is revolutionising gaming by immersing gamers in the world created by the game’s developers. The Oculus Go (RRP £199.95)…