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GP's Reduce Your Footprint campaign – get involved!

Global warming, overpopulation, deforestation, pollution… there’s no hiding from the fact we humans are hurting our planet. Every action, every decision we make has an impact, which is why we all need to take steps to make sure our lifestyles are as sustainable as possible.
When it comes to protecting the planet and reducing our carbon footprint, little changes make a huge difference. Just imagine the impact if every single person made a small, but positive change to the way they live?
Reduce Your Footprint TODAY
If you know GP, you’ll know we’re serious about protecting the environment. This is exactly why we’ve launched the Reduce Your Footprint campaign, which is based on three main principles:
Reduce. The less you use and throw away, the more you’ll reduce personal waste and waste sent to landfill.Recycle. From batteries and clothes, to cardboard boxes and yoghurt pots, there are so many household items that can be recycled. Recharge. Save money and reduce your footprint by makin…

10 simple tips for running in the dark

Waving goodbye to summer also means waving goodbye to those beautiful, bright sunny mornings and long, light evenings. But darkness shouldn’t deter you from running in the great outdoors – you just need to take some extra steps as you clock up those miles. Here are ten of them, courtesy of Team GP:
1. Buddy up

Whether it’s your other half, best friend or a colleague, running as a duo will help to keep you both safe when it’s dark out there… or think about joining a running club. Having a running partner is also great for motivation...“Just one more mile!”
2. Bring doggo along

Pooches make perfect running buddies, but bear in mind their breed will dictate how long they like to run for. If you don’t have a furry friend of your own, you could ask to borrow a friend’s or neighbour's, or sign up to Borrow My Doggy.
3. Turn it down

If you need music to motivate you, run with just one headphone in so you’re still well aware of your surroundings, especially the traffic. It’s also a good idea …

Last days of summer: how to get the most from your weekends

The sun certainly had its hat on for us this summer, but now the kids are settled back into school, you’re back at work, and normality has been restored.
But summer doesn’t have to be over just yet! With rumours of a ‘BBQ Autumn’ and the Met Office reporting we’re eight times more likely to have temperatures well-above average than well-below, here are some ideas on what you could get up to...
Did someone say ‘beach’?!

Summer is synonymous with lazy beach days, so why not fit in one more before the colder temperatures kick in? Load up the car the night before so you can set off early, pack a simple picnic for lunch, then a portable BBQ for a seafront grill as the sun sets. It might end up being a late one, but with all that sea air you can guarantee the kids will doze off in the car! Here are some items for your packing list:
Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal BBQ (£79.99) to cook your sausages and burgers in next to no time. ●Pop-up beach tent (£21.99) to shelter you whatever the weather – sun, …