Top 7 tips for the ultimate spring picnic

It’s that time of year when the first rays of sunshine send families throughout the UK scurrying to the great outdoors with a hamper of goodies for a spot of al fresco dining.
But, as with barbecues, they’re always better when you’re well-prepared. Read on for Team GP’s top tips on what to pack for the ultimate spring picnic.
Bon appetit!
  1. A comfy seat
After months of winter, it takes more than one sunny afternoon to warm up the earth. You’ll be glad of something to sit on – and an inflatable seat in a range of bright colours will do the job nicely.
But for lazy lounging, you can’t beat a portable hammock. Just sling it between a couple of trees, and you’ve got the perfect perch from which to watch the world go by.
  1. Your favourite tunes
If you’re a traditionalist, you’ll take nothing more than your trusty guitar for a good old singalong. But if your tastes are more modern, then Kef has a great range of wireless Bluetooth speakers. Just connect one to your phone and enjoy your own personal playlist.
But remember picnic etiquette! Be considerate to your fellow nature-lovers and keep the volume down.
  1. Best blanket
OS Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Rug - Great Britain
We don’t care if there are tables in your dining location: a picnic’s not a picnic without a blanket on which to display your delicacies.
And what could be more traditional than a Fortnum and Mason rug? This tartan number with leather handles shows that you’re serious about al fresco eating.
If you’re after something more lightweight and waterproof, why not go for an extra-large option that folds up extra-small, like this  UK map from the Ordnance Survey? Perfect for planning your next trip to one of our top 10 UK summer picnic spots.
If you need to entertain kids, or perhaps work off some of those calories, this fun rug doubles as a game of Twister.
And finally, there’s a rug that does the entertaining for you – by playing your special picnic playlist through in-built speakers. It takes AA batteries, so remember to pack some GP rechargeables!

  1. Tasty eats
Spanish tortilla

There’s nothing wrong with a sarnie. But if you’re a budding chef, or on a health kick, then Jamie Oliver has some scrumptious alternatives. From chilled soups to asparagus sushi to crunchy salads, you’ll find something to get your taste buds tingling.

And you can keep it all zesty fresh in this cooler with a traditional wicker look.

  1. Handy utensils
Spork & Cork

A picnic is a time to relax your table manners. But you’ll still need something to eat those treats with.

Show your love of our natural world by saying bye-bye to plastic tableware. These bamboo plates look good, won’t go soggy, and will biodegrade within a few months. This organic bamboo cutlery set is reusable – a great, green investment. And this‘spork and cork’ will provide a stylish talking point, as well as a practical eco-friendly solution.

  1. Games for kids

Being outdoors is the perfect chance for some messy play. Kids will love seeing who can kick a flip-flop off their foot the furthest, or trying to pass a cup of water down a long line without spilling any.

Of course, you can always try the classic lazy parent trick: challenging kids to see how fast they can set up the picnic or pack it away. If they don’t fall for that, here are plenty more entertaining outdoor games ideas.

  1. Wine cooler
 Le Creuset Wine Cooler Sleeve Black 75cl
And finally, relaaaax. There’s nothing quite like seeing sunshine sparkling through a glass of chilled white wine or champagne.
This quality cooler sleeve slips on to your bottle easily. Or with these coolers with handles, you can skip to your picnic spot swinging your bottles without a care in the world.  

Whichever way you do your outdoor dining, don’t forget to take a GP PowerBank to keep your tech running. And please let us know how you take your picnics up a notch on our Facebook or Twitter page.

Happy picnicking!


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