5 ways to add a dose of adventure to your summer holidays

Sure, holidays are a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy some much-deserved downtime, but they’re also a great opportunity to explore a new area and test out any local activities on offer. Adding a sprinkling of adventure will make your holiday a trip to remember – besides, if you’re travelling with kids, there’s no way they’ll let you sit on that sun lounger all week!

In need of a little inspiration? Here’s how you can add a dose of adventure to this year’s summer holiday:

1.Take to the skies

 Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flyboard! It looks like something from the future, but this jetpack allows you to experience human flight as you glide over the water, dipping in and out like a dolphin coming up for air. This activity is guaranteed to give you a mighty adrenaline rush; but if you and your kids prefer something more subdued, soak in the views from way up high on a parascending experience.

2.Set sail

 Land ahoy! Whether you’re watching out for wildlife, admiring the bay or cruising to an otherwise unreachable island, a boat trip makes for an excellent day-long excursion. Why not learn the art of casting on a family-friendly boat trip, where you get to keep everything you catch (that’s dinner sorted!). Or, if you want to turn it up a notch (or should we say, knot?), then book a powerboat tour, sit back and buckle up!

3.Alternative modes of transport

If you’re keen to explore the local area, there are far more unusual ways to travel around than driving a hire car or taking the bus! Why not put your feet up, take hold of the reins and let your noblesteeds lead you all on an adventure? Or, you could travel en masse in aquadricycle – you can even enjoy an ice cream while you pedal!

4.Indoor adventures

Now, if you’re holidaying in the UK, there’s no guarantee of sunshine (even in summer!), so it can be a good idea to line up some indoor activities. Teens are bound to love overtaking mum and dad behind the wheel of a go kart, or why not try indoor mini moto racing - where kids over 12 can feed their adrenaline and feel like a racing pro on a mini motorbike? There are also indoor climbing walls at activity centres across the UK – perfect for kids and big kids of all ages.

5.Plan ahead!

 While spontaneous adventures are the best adventures, things get really busy during the summer season, so booking ahead will help to avoid any disappointment. Try online forums, as these can be a great way of picking up hints and tips on some of the more unusual and adrenaline-fuelled activities on offer at your chosen holiday destination.  

Stay in charge with GP

You’ve stocked up on suntan lotion and planned your activities, but have you thought about how you’re going to keep your tech topped up on your hols? Whether you’re using your phone to take family photos on the quadricycle, or a tablet to find out your nearest go-karting centre, a portable charger will ensure your device doesn’t run flat when you need it most.

The brand new GP Charge AnyWay offers a 2-in-1 solution: it lets you top up your USB devices on-the-move – without being tied to a wall socket –  but also charges up your rechargeable batteries for use in items like torches, kids’ toys and portable fans. It also makes the perfect travel companion if you’re flying overseas as it’s lithium-free, meaning it can be carried in both your carry-on and check-in luggage.

Tell us: which of these adventures are going on your must-do list this summer?


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