May bank holidays: free things to do with the kids!

Not only is summer fast approaching, but the bright and cheery month of May gives us not one, but two bank holidays for us to enjoy with our friends and family.

If you’re a parent with kids to entertain over the three-day weekends, we’re about to inspire you with a list of fun, family-friendly activities. And do you want to know the best thing about them? They don’t cost a bean!

Picnic (and party) in the park

Parks are the ideal places to spend the day when the sun’s shining, while picnics provide a great opportunity to get together with other families, indulge in some tasty grub and go head-to-head playing some fun-filled games (rounders tops our list). Make it a group effort by each bringing a few dishes and drinks – and if you’re designated DJ, don’t forget to pack a decent PowerBank to boost your speakers when the battery starts to run low!

Discover dinosaurs on the beach

Forget sandcastle building...fossil hunting is your chance to find a relic from earth’s ancient history! The Jurassic Coast contains a treasure trove of fossils, some beaches more bountiful than others – be sure to research hotspots beforehand and go equipped with hammers. Previous happy hunters have unearthed everything from ammonites and belemnites to dinosaur remains, so who knows what you might find?

Catch a cache or two

From one treasure hunt to the next, geocaching is hailed the world’s largest treasure hunt, where geocachers search for boxes – known as caches – hidden in locations across the UK and beyond! It’s based on a popular pastime known as letterboxing – with the addition of GPS, which you use to hunt for the coordinates (so don’t forget a compact PowerBank to keep your phone’s battery topped up). If you’re a geocaching newbie, check out our recent blog post, which has all the info you need to get started.

Family fun at the farm

From sheep shows to ‘grow your own veg’ workshops, BBQs to garden parties, find out what’s on at your local farm shops and cafes over the bank holiday weekends. If your kids are animal-mad, you might be able to join fellow families on a tour of the farm, where your little ones will get to meet the local residents and learn all about where their food comes from.

Hit the trails

Whether you fancy tackling berms in the forest or cruising a flat, coastal route, the UK has endless cycling trails to choose from. Searching the Sustrans website is a great place to start, as it provides information on the length and difficulty of each trail, and offers additional information such as sights you can expect to see en route. Before you head out, make sure you read our 7 tips for the ultimate family bike ride. And don’t forget to keep your phone topped up for family snaps and videos with a GP PowerBank!

Take a rain check

The British weather is unpredictable at best, so it’s wise to have some indoor activities tucked up your sleeve just in case the rain spoils your outdoor plans. Many museums, for instance, host free exhibitions over the bank holiday weekends, as well as workshops all the family can get involved in.

Whatever you decide to do with the family over the bank holiday weekends, make sure you’re prepared by packing a GP PowerBank in your rucksack. As you’ll probably be using your phone or tablet during the day – for taking photos and videos, or using GPS – these nifty devices will keep the battery topped up for the duration of your day’s adventure.

If you have any activity suggestions for inexpensive family fun, please share them with us! Happy bank holiday!


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