7 reasons to make the GP Charge AnyWay your ultimate travel companion

Are you jetting off on holiday this year? Along with stocking up on the essentials and sorting your travel money, you need to think about how you’re going to charge your tech – such as phones, tablets, smart watches and digital cameras – while you’re away; not to mention those portable fans if you’re heading somewhere hot!
Here are some reasons why the new GP Charge AnyWay makes the ultimate travel companion and should take pride of place on your holiday shopping list this year…
1.It’s safe for travel

The first, and perhaps most important, benefit of flying with the GP Charge AnyWay is that it is completely safe for travel - unlike many other regular PowerBanks on the market. Why? Because the GP Charge AnyWay doesn’t contain lithium, which is classified as ‘dangerous goods’ by air control. This means that it can be kept in either your carry-on baggage for battery boosting during your flight, or stored safely in your check-in luggage for use once you’ve reached your destination. As a side note, any device that has a lithium battery must be carried in hand luggage.
2.It’s multi-use

With the GP Charge AnyWay, you can top-up rechargeable batteries and refuel your electronic devices. Plus, if you find yourself in a situation where you suddenly need power, simply insert regular alkaline batteries to continue the power supply anytime, anywhere!
3.It’s compact

Because the GP Charge AnyWay is multi-use, you won’t need to pack separate chargers for your batteries and electronic devices, helping you to keep within the baggage allowance and avoid excessive fees. Meanwhile, its lightweight and compact design means that it’ll slot nicely into your rucksack or beach bag - leaving more room for holiday shopping and souvenirs!
4.Forget the adapter

No more fighting for the remaining travel adapter – the GP Charge AnyWay provides an additional charging point via its standard USB port. So, while your family use the indoor power sockets, you can sit in the sunshine with your flexible travel buddy!
5.Anywhere, anytime

The GP Charge AnyWay spells the end of waiting by power sockets for your phone to fully charge. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, hiking a mountain or immersing yourself in a new city, you’ll never run out of charge. GP’s nifty, new generation power solution provides you with newfound freedom and peace of mind that you’ll never be stuck without battery when exploring a new part of the world.
When you return from your holiday, the GP Charge AnyWay will continue to take care of your charging needs. Use it at home, in the office or on the move; this nifty device gives you freedom and will keep you well-organised in your personal and work life.
6.Great for off-the-beaten-track trips

If you’re heading out into the sticks –  for example, on a camping trip or group hike – there may not be power sockets nearby. But you still might want to charge your e-reader so you can read your book before bedtime; and you’ll still want to charge some batteries just in case your torch dies mid-trip! In this sense, the GP Charge AnyWay is the perfect companion for when you’re travelling somewhere with limited (or no) power supply.
7.Convenience is key

People say that we should switch off from tech during our holiday, but smartphones can be really handy for taking pictures, booking tours and researching restaurants. Yet, using your phone to do these things will sap its battery. Thankfully, the GP Charge AnyWay’s USB port will re-charge it in good time, meaning minimal waiting around.
The GP Charge AnyWay can be used anywhere, anytime. It’s an innovative, all-in-one solution that will enable you and your family to travel safe - thanks to its lithium-free benefits; giving you peace of mind that, no matter where you are, the GP Charge Anyway always puts you in charge.


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