Any of these battery emergencies ring a bell? Enter the all-new GP Charge AnyWay!

Smartphones are impressive pieces of tech and we’ve come to depend on them heavily in our daily lives. Yet, while they boast a whole heap of all-singing, all-dancing features, there’s one bugbear all users can relate to: their less-than-impressive battery life.

We’ve all been in situation where our phones run flat at a crucial moment – at a time when we need them most. If only there was something we could use to boost our phone’s battery so we can get back to business...

Introducing the GP Charge AnyWay, an all-in-one power solution that doubles up as a battery charger and a PowerBank. While there are many times in your life when you might need power, here are three examples of emergency situations you could find yourself in, and how the GP Charge AnyWay might just come to the rescue...

Emergency situation no. 1: Mountain mishap

Today’s been circled in your calendar for months, and it’s finally here. The weatherman’s predicted clear skies and you reach the mountain peak just in time to catch the sunrise. You pull out your phone ready to take a panoramic shot, hit the unlock button, but nothing – it’s completely flat. You forgot to charge it overnight. Enter - the GP Charge AnyWay! As well as boosting your phone’s power, you’ll be ensuring your rechargeable batteries are ready to use in your torch - perfect for when the sun goes down.

Emergency situation no.2: Flat in the city

You’re enjoying a city break and have used your phone all day for its GPS and camera, uploading your photos on Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat. After a day of exploring, you’re using your phone’s map to find that restaurant that’s received rave reviews. You check your phone to find out which road to take next, but you get nothing but a black screen. Not to panic - the GP Charge AnyWay can boost your device and, as it’s compatible with single-use batteries too, it doesn’t matter if your rechargeable batteries have dried up.

Emergency situation no.3: No power at the bar

It’s day three of a festival and your phone died long ago. You break away from your friends to get a drink from the bar – only to find yourself stood next to none other than Ed Sheeran. No selfie for you, though – your pals will just have to take your word for it…
No need to wave goodbye to your 10-seconds of fame! The GP Charge AnyWay is compatible with single-use batteries as well as rechargeable ones - ideal for when you’re away at a festival or camping for a length of time.

In these emergency scenarios, you can’t just whip out a wall charger. We often find that our phones are flat when we aren’t anywhere near a socket; and even when we are near one, having to sit next to a plug for an hour or so is not always practical, let alone enjoyable. Similarly, do you really want to sit in your car waiting for your phone to charge?

The GP Charge AnyWay is a portable device that can tend to all of your charging emergencies. It not only charges your device on the move – whether you’re hiking up a mountain or dancing to your favourite band – but also charges your rechargeable batteries, too.

The great thing about the GP Charge AnyWay is that it’s doubly dependable: if there’s no charge left in the GP Recyko+ batteries, all you need to do is insert four alkaline batteries and they will provide an instant boost to your phone’s battery.

The GP Charge AnyWay – always puts you in charge.


  1. Yes, an emergency power supply these days is essential. I always carry a solar powered power bank. It’s mains chargeable but tops up when not in use via the solar cell. I haven’t charged it in months, I just leave it on the windowsill just to keep it topped up.


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