Keep running out of juice? 5 ways to keep your mobile charged on-the-go

Smartphones are clever pieces of tech that have almost become our personal assistants, able to perform a seemingly endless list of tasks. But one thing that manufacturers haven’t quite mastered yet is how to prolong battery life.

So what happens if your phone runs flat when you’re out and about and there’s not a plug socket in sight? It’s happened to us all at some point - whether it’s during a camping trip or festival, in the middle of a long walk, or even on the train on the way back from work.

Thankfully, there are many nifty devices that will keep you topped up on-the-move, meaning you can use your smartphone as much as you like without worrying about seeing the dreaded black screen. Here are five ways to stay in charge:

1.Laptop backpack with charging port
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A rucksack, laptop case and charging port all rolled into one. At around £30, these backpacks are the ultimate commuter’s accessory. Many feature a water-resistant charging port suitable for boosting your smartphone’s battery as well as any other USB device you have, like your tablet, eReader or camera.

Compact and stylish, the GP’s FN03M PowerBank weighs a featherlite 95 grams, making it the perfect gadget to slip into your handbag, pocket or festival rucksack. In fact, it’s petite size is a real plus: shaped like a lipstick, it fits neatly into a back pocket - great if you’re going on a long walk or run. It’ll provide you with at least one full charge and can be re-boosted in around five hours – you can see how much power is remaining with the LED light indicators.

3.Battery cases
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Smart cases for smartphones…these ‘power cases’ boast in-built battery charging capabilities and protect your mobile at the same time. There are case designs to fit most Android and Apple devices; most are charged via USB and, if you pay a bit more, you’ll enjoy features like an auto-stop charger that helps to preserve power. As it’s attached to your phone, it’s very hard to leave home without!

This large PowerBank is extremely powerful and capable of charging two devices at the same time; for instance, if you need to use both your tablet and phone to prepare for a meeting. This device can recharge your phone up to an impressive six times – ideal for weekend adventurers, festival-goers, or plain old smartphone addicts like us!

GP’s latest and greatest piece of battery-boosting technology, the Charge AnyWay doubles up as a charger for your USB devices and rechargeable batteries, ensuring you always have access to power on-the-move. It’s even compatible with single-use batteries, which means if you are out and about with no access to a socket and both your phone and your rechargeable batteries are dead, you can quickly pick up some single-use batteries, put them in the Charge AnyWay and immediately recharge your phone. The Charge AnyWay is also the ultimate travel companion because it’s lithium-free, making it safe to pack both in your hand luggage and cabin bag. Want to find out more? Take a look at our explainer video here.

Free yourself from the wall socket and embrace on-the-move power. Tell us, which battery charger is on your to-buy list?


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