GP's top tips on organising your batteries

Every home has a “stuff” drawer: a go-to place that contains a treasure trove of useful bits and bobs. And you can guarantee that in every stuff drawer is a heap of stray batteries of all types and sizes. Are they new? Are they old? Are they half-used? Who knows!

Rather than losing your batteries amongst a mass of other items, why not invest in (or even better, make) a storage solution that’s just for them? Get organised, get imaginative  – and get those creative juices flowing with these top tips from the GP team:

Raid your kitchen cupboards
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There may be a bounty of storage solutions in your home already, and a great place to start looking is your kitchen. Put old lunch boxes and plastic tubs to good use – choose stackable boxes to save space when storing in a cupboard. For a more creative solution, fill up mismatched mugs with batteries of various sizes, attaching labels to the handle.

Go back to basics

When thinking of unique storage solutions, don’t overlook traditional options! If you’ve got a sizeable pile of batteries, you could store them in a mini filing cabinet, with each drawer containing a different sized battery. If there’s a drawer left, you could use it for other battery-related devices, like chargers, PowerBanks or penlights.

Craft your own

If you’re a dab hand on the sewing machine, why not have a go designing and making some pouches for your batteries? As fabric is nice and soft, you can safely slip the pouches into your bag, without worrying about your batteries scratching your phone or tablet. If you don’t have a sewing machine to hand, buy some small, drawstring fabric purses instead.

Visit the handyman

DIY shops are well-stocked with tool organisers, many of which will conveniently double up as a battery storage solution. For a cheap and cheerful option, buy a small compartment tool box; it’s traditionally used for bolts, screws, nuts and other tiny fixings, but will provide the perfect home for your solo batteries.

Remember to recycle

Getting organised with your batteries doesn’t just mean sussing out effective storage solutions. It also means sorting through them and making sure that dead batteries end up in the recycling bin. When batteries are sent straight to landfill, they can leak dangerous toxins which pollute soil and water. But if you recycle your batteries, they will be taken apart and many of their components used again.

Lots of shops and supermarkets have battery recycling points, or you can take them to a household waste recycling centre – use this handy tool to locate your nearest one.

By investing in, or creating, nifty storage solutions for your batteries, you’ll be that super-organised person who knows exactly where to go when one of your devices needs a power up.


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