4 tips to help plan your perfect summer

Hurrah! After what has seemed like a very long, cold winter, spring is officially in sight. We can hear the wildlife, see the trees start to blossom, and feel that it’s few degrees warmer outside.

The longer days and shorter nights give many of us inspiration to start filling our diaries with things to see, do and experience in spring and beyond. If you’re keen to get planning, read these four top tips, courtesy of Team GP:

1.Make the most of the lighter evenings

Tick, tock...the clocks spring forward on Sunday, 25th March. Yes, this means we’ll be deprived of an hour in bed but, on the plus side, we’ll get to enjoy more daylight in the evenings.

Think of how to make the most of the longer days: could you sign-up to a running club? Join an amateur sports team? If you spend all day cooped up in an office, getting outdoors in the brighter evenings is guaranteed to make you feel happier and healthier.

2.Tend to your neglected garden

Winter wreaks havoc on our beloved gardens. And, like most of us, you’ve probably not been out there much over the last few months. So why not make a start on getting your outdoor space barbecue-ready? Whether that involves planting new shrubbery, laying down decking or rolling out some fresh turf, prepping now means that by the time June comes around, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is what marinade to use!

3.Plan your spring and summer holidays

There are many benefits of booking your holidays early – you get your pick of the best deals, you stand more chance of your work approving the dates, and of course, you have more time to get excited about your trip!

You also have time to properly secure your home. Before you go away, don’t forget to install a GP Safeguard to the outside of your home. It’s battery-powered so you don’t need a socket, and its in-built sensor detects movement, making it a perfect thief deterrent. Check out our handy infographic to learn more.

So, where to go? You’ve probably got some dream, exotic destinations in mind, but don’t overlook many of the beautiful spots across the UK! Why not plan a camping trip for you and your family? Whether you pitch up in the countryside or down by the coast, a camping holiday is a great opportunity to go back to basics and spend quality time with the people you love.

4.Make dates for dining al fresco

It might seem a world away at the moment, but in a few months’ time the weather will (hopefully!) be warm enough to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner under the rays of the summer sun!

There’s no better time to dine al fresco than the Bank Holidays, when you can round up your family and friends, all bring a dish, play some games and let the hours roll by. It might be a barbecue in your (newly manicured!) garden or a picnic in your local park – just make sure to send out the invites sooner rather than later!

Let GP power your summer
Whatever you end up planning this spring and summer, don’t let a flat battery ruin the fun! You’ll be embarking on lots of outdoor activities, from camping to running, so make sure your tech – including your phone, tablet, camera and speakers – always has power by ordering your perfect PowerBank from GP.


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