GP’s winter walk checklist

This chilly, winter weather often leaves us wanting to do nothing more than snuggle up on the sofa in front of a flickering fire. But stay indoors constantly over the festive season and there’s a risk of developing cabin fever...

Don’t let the dark afternoons put you off going for Christmassy walks! The great outdoors is a magical place to be this time of year: the air is crisp, frost-covered trees sparkle and, if you’re lucky, you might even see some snow.

From National Trust walks to woodland wanders, a winter stroll is a great chance to spend some quality time with your family, blow away those cobwebs and work off any excess mince pies. Here’s GP’s handy checklist of seven things to take with you when you’re walking in a winter wonderland:

1. Extra layers

You’re wearing your coat, hat, scarf and gloves, but if it’s a particularly chilly day, add some layers in the form of thermals, long johns, fleeces and mountain socks. Jack Frost will be much less likely to nip at your fingers and toes!

There’s a good chance your walk will provide many a picture-perfect moment. Keep your smartphone and camera topped-up with a GP PowerBank 3C15A – this, and other larger capacity PowerBanks have the capability of boosting two devices at once.

3. Flask of hot drink

For your mid-walk respite when you want to soak in the view, pack a flask of your favourite hot beverage, whether it’s tea, coffee or hot choccy for the kids. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water too to stay hydrated.

4. High energy snacks

Keep those energy levels topped up with some tasty snacks to enjoy with your hot drink. If you think you’ve overdone it on the Christmas cake, prepare a healthy trail mix of fruit and nuts, or pack some energy-boosting bananas.

5. Pocket first-aid kit

In case a short stroll turns into a mighty trek, bring a basic first-aid kit along with you so that you can patch up any blisters with plasters. Also, icy conditions means there’s a greater chance of slips and slides, so it’s a good idea to be prepared.

The dark descends quickly during winter, so be safe and be seen with the slim and portable beam Task P36 from GP. This torch is hardwearing yet compact, meaning it fits easily in your rucksack, and has a run time of two hours at 100%.

7. Route plan

If your adventurous streak kicks in and you end up venturing off-piste on your walk, be sure to bring a map with you. Rather than a bulky paper version, download one on your phone - even more of a reason to take your GP PowerBank as a battery back-up!

With all of your winter walk essentials packed and ready to go, you just need to plan your route, round up your family, wrap up warm and enjoy. Merry Christmas!


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