7 perfect Christmas gift ideas for him

Is it just us or is it harder than ever to find the perfect gift for the man in your life these days? Given how much choice we now have, it really should be easy, but somehow it only serves to make things more complicated.

If he’s reluctant to drop any hints, what you need is someone to suggest some perfect and practical gift ideas. Well, the GP team have done just that...

1. Uuni 3 Pizza Oven - £229.00

Buy Uuni 3 Pizza Oven, Cover Bag and Pellets Set Online at johnlewis.com

Who says alfresco cooking has to be reserved for summer barbecues? If you know a man who loves pizza (who doesn’t?!), treat them to their very own wood-fired pizza oven, complete with 3kg of wood pellets. It’s the most expensive item on our list, but as it reaches temperatures of 500C in 10 minutes, and can cook an authentic Neapolitan pizza in just one minute, hopefully you’ll get to benefit from it too!

One for the neat and tidy bearders, this product is ideal for those family members whose constant trimming results in cut hairs being spread across the bathroom. The answer to this issue is a vacuum trimmer, which catches up to 90% of cut hairs, leaving little or no mess around the bathroom sink.  

3. beam Penlight - £34.99

beam - Penlight PP16

We spend half of our time in the dark outdoors at this time of the year – or at least, it feels like we do. So it pays to have a quality torch handy to make navigating in the dark – be it coming home from an evening meal or putting the bins out – safer and easier. GP’s beam Penlight is not just any torch either – its waterproof, anodised coating and powerful light output (which reaches an impressive distance of 55 metres) makes it the torch among torches.

Image result for hyper chiller

The HyperChiller is a big hit on the other side of the Atlantic and it’s easy to see why. It promises to chill hot coffee (or tea) by up to 70+ degrees Celsius in 60 seconds without dilution, making it the perfect gift for any hot-beverage aficionado. Or perhaps they’re more of a whiskey man? They can use the HyperChiller so that their malt is ice-cold as soon as it hits the rocks.

If the man you’re buying for has a habit of letting his mobile devices run flat, you’ll be doing them a huge favour by gifting them a PowerBank. GP TRAV O SAFE conforms to the latest airline safety standards for carry-on and checked-in baggage, so they can keep their devices charged wherever they are in the world.

Every bloke loves a fresh pair of slippers at Christmas. This year, push the boat out a bit and get him some Mahabis Larvik slippers. They might look like your average slippers, but with a detachable rubber sole for wearing outdoors, they’re anything but ordinary.

For the safety-conscious man in your life, the GP motion-sensor Safeguard safety light is the perfect match. Suitable for outdoor use, and ideal for the shed, garage or driveway, the real reason he’ll love the Safeguard is that it’s cordless and doesn’t require an electrical socket, meaning it’s easy to install on almost any wall!

Still struggling to come up with ideas? Check out our Christmas gadget guide…


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