Treat your tree: Decorations to wow this Christmas

Decorating the Christmas tree (with Bublé playing in the background) is the perfect, yuletide pastime. For weeks, that tree shelters piles of presents and is the focal point of your living room, so it deserves to be decked with the very best, festive finery.

Baubles and ribbon at the ready… here are some hints for sprucing up your tree this Christmas:

Pick and stick with a theme

A mishmash of colours, textures and designs can make a tree look messy, so try to stick to a theme. Embellish the branches with traditional red and gold accessories, or create a cooler, yet still striking, look with silver and white decorations.

You could design a tree that wouldn’t look out of place in an alpine lodge, by hanging pine cones and nestling wooden, forest animals between the branches. Or, bring the outdoors in and create a winter wonderland, complete with glass droplets which mimic melting snow.

Light it up

We certainly get that festive feeling when we’re curled up on the sofa in front of a crackling fire, with the tree’s lights twinkling beside us. Lights are a key feature of your tree and will help to showcase your decorations – some unique ideas include:

Star light, star bright… these battery-powered, wooden lights will look magical wrapped around your Christmas tree, particularly if you’ve chosen a winter wonderland theme. They’re also versatile, so can be used year-round!

If you’re going for gold this Christmas, how about these battery-powered tree lights? Complement them with textured, red baubles and red ribbon.

Gold Pineapple String Lights

Break away from the traditional and give your tree a fruity feel with these tropical pineapple lights. They emit a soft, warm glow so work well if paired with other lights.

50 Christmas Tree Candle Lights

A safer alternative to lighting real candles at Christmas, these lights imitate their golden glow and even have ‘wax’ dripping down the side. Buy these and you won’t have to worry about not blowing out the candles again!

These authentic, battery-powered lights are sure to dazzle and delight when interspersed with real
pinecones in your Christmas tree.

These fairy lights actually have fairies on them, with red and green Christmas trees either side. Twist them around the tree branches and offset with tartan ribbons.

For a classic look with timeless appeal, you can guarantee that your tree will look terrific wrapped in these battery-powered LED lights.

Charge ‘em up

Most of the lights on our list need batteries to work - but they don’t come included, so make sure you stock up! Using battery-powered lights mean you leave them shining bright for hours without fretting over your electricity bill.

Go green like your Christmas tree this year by opting for rechargeable batteries over single-use ones. GP’s ReCyko+ batteries can be boosted hundreds of times and are ideal for charging lights. And when the festivities are over, you can use them to power up other household devices.

Choose GP Batteries and your Christmas will be very merry and bright indeed!


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