Light up your outdoor space this Christmas, powered by GP

The inside of your home resembles Santa’s grotto, complete with piles of presents under a twinkling tree. But step outside and there’s no sign of a winter wonderland – in fact, you wouldn’t even know that Christmas was a coming. Time to spread the festive cheer!

If you want to impress passers-by (and compete with your neighbours), here are five tips for making the outdoor of your home merry and bright this Christmas:

Wow with a homemade wreath

This year, why not have a go at making your own wreath to adorn your front door with? Wire frames can be purchased from most craft shops and you’ll need a base, too – moss usually works well. The fun part is picking your theme; for a classic look, purchase rich red and gold accessories, like berries, fake poinsettia and ribbon, and attach to the base using twine. Or, for a more modern wreath, go with sparkly baubles and pine cones sprayed in glitter.

Make entrances the festive focal points

Give any guests who visit over the festive period a grand welcome by sprucing up entrances to your home. You’ve hung the wreath on your front door, so why not drape some mistletoe above it too? You could also fill a couple of lanterns with baubles in timeless, Christmas colour combinations (red and gold /silver and gold), placing them at either side of the door. Double up on a wreath for your garden gate, sneaking pine cones into the hedge at both sides.

Less is more with lights

Too many outdoor Christmas lights can end up being an eyesore - plus, think of your electricity bill! Keep it subtle; scatter a string of icicle-style lights on your roof, or wrap some around the trees in your garden. Make sure you choose lights with LED bulbs as they’re brighter and more efficient than incandescent lights. It’s also a good idea to opt for waterproof, battery-powered lights as they won’t leave you worrying about your energy usage. Just make sure you buy some quality batteries so that they stay illuminated until it’s time to take them down.

Ditch inflatables for authentic accessories

Inflatable santas and reindeers are a novelty, but if you want to achieve a more sophisticated, festive exterior, it’s best to steer clear. As an alternative, why not complement the Christmas look with a duo of rattan reindeers? Or, for a bit of fun, you could always sneak a gnome statue of Santa somewhere on your lawn!

Show off your display with the GP Safeguard

With the outside of your home spruced up for the festive period, you need to make sure people can see and appreciate all of your hard work! Rather than making your home look like the Blackpool Illuminations, consider investing in a motion-sensor GP Safeguard, which will cleverly light up your yuletide accessories when people approach your home.

This device is fitted with an LED light and, as its battery powered, no wires or electric sockets are needed. The Safeguard also offers the additional benefit of boosting your home’s security over the festive period and beyond; and, as the light is adjustable, you can angle it so that it casts a spotlight on your spectacular display!


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