4 things we love about the clocks going back

Tick, tock… in a few weeks, we’ll be turning our clocks back to Greenwich Mean Time after putting them forward by an hour back in March. The date is Sunday, 29th October – put it in your diary, stick a post-it note on your fridge or set a phone reminder so that you don’t forget.

Tech is pretty clever these days, and many gadgets update automatically so long as they’re connected to the internet, for instance smartphones, smart TVs, tablets and laptops. But you’ll have to manually change the time on things like your oven and microwave, as well as the clock in your car if it’s an older model. And don’t forget about your bedside alarm clock! Here are four reasons why we’re looking forward to the clock going back this autumn:

The extra hour in bed 
It’s lazy Sundays all round, as we get to enjoy an extra hour in bed on the 29th. Seize the opportunity to snooze a little longer, or utilise the time to do something productive – go on a morning run, bake a cake, or tackle that task that’s been on your to-do list for weeks (or months).

Upcoming celebrations 
Bidding farewell to summer can be pretty tough, but there’s lots to look forward to in autumn and winter. It’s Halloween just two days after the clocks go back (check out GP’s spooky decoration tips here), then we’ll be wrapping up warm to marvel at fireworks on Bonfire Night. Christmas comes next, with merrymaking sure to begin some time in November!

Cosy nights in 
Autumn’s arrival gives us a great excuse to spend many a cosy night in, curled up on the sofa in front of a crackling fire. Catch up on the latest hit series, line-up some of your favourite family films, or buy some new board games to play at the weekend.

Chances are you’ll all be using your tech a little more through autumn, so make sure you have some spare batteries as backup. GP’s high-performance ReCyko+Pro batteries can be recharged over 1,500 times using one of GP’s PowerBanks, saving you from making a late-night dash to the shops when it’s bitterly cold outside! And if you just have to venture outdoors – for instance, to put the bins out – make sure your home is securely lit with a Cordless Sensor Light. These lights are motion-activated; as soon as you step within its reach, it’ll flood the outside of your home in a bright light.

Crisp autumn walks 
Crisp autumn walks in the countryside are certainly one of life’s little pleasures, as is the obligatory post-walk trip to the pub! If you’re heading off the beaten track and relying on your smartphone’s GPS, be sure to pack the GP U421 PowerBank Charger. Using maps on your phone will sap its battery life, but carrying this nifty bit of kit in your bag will ensure that you’re never caught without power when you need it most.

What do you love about the clocks going back? And don’t forget, the clock change is an ideal opportunity to check any alarm and wall clocks around the house that rely on batteries - replace them all at the same time and you’ll have no excuse not to be on time!


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