How to keep the kids entertained this half term

It only feels like yesterday when the kids were off for summer, but here we are again – faced with another school holiday, trying to think of ways to keep our little ones occupied. Thankfully, we’ve come up with some ideas to keep your kids entertained and prevent them from uttering those two words every parent dreads: “I’m bored!”

Head outside

Kids can go stir crazy in a matter of minutes when kept indoors. So, to stop them (and you) suffering from cabin fever, try and get out for a few hours each day – otherwise, when the bitter chill of winter arrives, you’ll regret not getting out more!

Autumn’s the perfect season for pretty walks in the park and bike rides through the countryside. Or, if the weather’s kind to us this year, how about organising a camping trip? Pitch up and gather around a warm, cosy campfire for the evening. Just remember to pack a torch like the hard-wearing beam Multi-purpose Pro, which utilises Cree LED, is particularly recommended for camping/outdoor pursuits, and has a run time of 5h 15m at 40%.

Go digital

Kids can’t get enough of tech; and while you probably don’t condone them spending endless hours watching YouTube clips, digital devices can be used in the great outdoors to make their experiences all the more exciting.

If your little one is into Pokemon, why not embark on a Pokemon Go hunt? Bond while catching creatures together on your phone – just make sure you fully boost your phone’s battery before you leave, as the app will soon sap its power. If you anticipate your hunt lasting hours, power your phone on-the-move using the GP Trav O Safe PowerBank, which will fully charge it 1.5 times. This device is also a great companion for overseas travels, as it’s lithium-free.

Not keen on Pokemon? Equip your little one with a kids’ digital camera and encourage them to get snap happy outdoors. After documenting their adventures, get their favourite photos printed and put them in a scrapbook (an ideal rainy day activity). If the cam is battery-powered, we recommend the GP PowerBank Charger U421 with ReCyko+ Pro AA batteries. It’s one of the fastest-charging units on the market, and by opting for rechargeables, you’ll save cash while doing your bit for the environment.

Take a day trip

Rather than lazing around the house on a rainy day, go on a day trip. Why not head to a museum? Spending the day exploring artefacts and learning about their history is fun as well as educational (try tying it in with something your little one is learning in class).

If you’re going to be in the car for a couple of hours, don’t forget to bring along some devices to distract your kids with. Download their favourite film onto your tablet, bring along an e-reader loaded with some kids’ books, or pack their iPod. The high-capacity PowerBank Mobile Charger 3C20A is capable of charging smartphones up to 8 times and tablets twice. It’s the most powerful of our PowerBanks, keeping tech boosted while driving so that you won’t have to hear that other phrase all parents dread: “Are we there yet?”

Rainy day games

If you do fancy a day surrounded by home comforts when the weather takes a turn for the worse, rummage through your games box and make sure all battery-powered games and consoles are up and running with GP’s rechargeables. Nintendo Wii games can still tick all the boxes as, not only are they fun for all the family, but they also allow the kids to burn off some of that boundless energy - just minus the soggy clothes!

Plan some day trips, charge up that tech, and we guarantee that it’ll be a happier, stress-free half term for all the family!


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