7 things to keep in your “stuff” drawer

Whether it’s under the bed, in the kitchen or out in the garage, all homeowners have a drawer that at first seems to be loaded with junk, but on second glance, actually contains a heap of handy tools and accessories for around (and outside of) the house.

Even if that drawer is a little messy (organised chaos?), it’s the go-to place whenever we’re looking for that ‘something.’ Here’s a rundown of some of the most used things to keep in your “stuff” drawer...

1. Tape measure

Will that dishwasher you’ve been eyeing up on the internet fit in that space? There’s only one way to find out: grab the tape measure! This is an essential item for all homeowners, whether you’re into DIY or not!

2. Batteries

Who knows when your remote will run out of juice or bell stop ringing… save yourself a late-night trip to the shops by stocking-up on batteries. Buy rechargeables like GP’s ReCyko+ Pros – which which can be charged over 1,500 times – and you’ll save cash while also doing your bit for the environment.

3. Charger

Buy rechargeables and you’ll need something to charge them with, like the GP PowerBank U421. As well as being one of the fastest charging units out there (charging a single battery in as little as 40 minutes), it’s also USB compatible so can be plugged into laptops, games consoles - or any other USB sockets. And - thanks to its slimline and compact size - it can fit neatly into your Stuff Drawer.

4. Multi-tool

Portable, versatile, compact… why have ten tools, when you can have one!? Favoured by outdoor enthusiasts but an essential for the home nonetheless, the humble multi-tool contains a wealth of handy accessories; from blades, pliers and screwdrivers, to files, wire cutters and even a bottle opener (just in case the one in the kitchen goes walkabout again). And you can’t beat a good old Swiss Army Knife!

5. Luggage scale

Weigh your bags before leaving for the airport using a small luggage scale, which will save you from paying those extortionate excess baggage fees again. Most of these scales are digital and have a 50 kg capacity – which should be plenty for your suitcase!

6. Torch

Power cuts don’t happen that often, but it’s still best to be prepared by storing a torch nearby. Plus, a torch will prove useful if you need to inspect poorly-lit spaces, or venture out into your garden late at night. GP’s Beam Multi-purpose torch features instant strobe and momentary-on settings, while the hardwearing, anodized coating of the Every Day Carry makes it ideal for DIY projects. Small drawer? Choose GP’s compact yet powerful Penlight.

7. Pen and paper

We’ve all found ourselves turning the house upside in search of a pen on paper to scribble a phone number or address on. Save yourself the hassle next time by storing a small notebook and a couple of pens in the drawer.

Chances are that you own most of these essential items already. If you’re missing a couple of them, be sure to put them on your shopping list!


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