5 essential items for your hand luggage

With your flight just a few days away, your fully-stuffed suitcase has been weighed, zipped and padlocked, and is ready to go. Now, it’s time to hone-in on your hand luggage.

Whether you’re flying short- or long-haul, jetting-off on a business trip or two-week holiday, here are five essential items you need in your carry-on luggage.


Packing your device with a good playlist (don’t forget to download it so you can listen offline!) and a set of a headphones could turn out to be a real life-saver, especially if you’re flying solo, as you have little choice when it comes to your neighbours. In any case, whether it’s a rowdy stag do sitting a few rows back, or a kid behind you who feels compelled to narrate their entire flight experience, having your own music to hand means you can switch on, switch off and zone out. Bliss…

Travel pillow

You don’t need to be a frequent flyer to know that plane seats aren’t always luxurious, so anything you can buy to make you feel that little bit comfier is a bonus. A plush travel pillow is a must if you’re travelling long-haul and plan to catch some Zs – even if you’re flying a short distance, there’s always the possibility you might doze off. Whether it’s stuffed with memory foam or microbeads, a travel pillow will protect your neck and help to make sure you don’t wake up with your head resting on a stranger’s shoulder.

A great book

They say time “flies” when you’re having fun; but seeing as quality entertainment is relatively hard to come by when you’re thousands of feet in the air, pass the time by immersing yourself in a great read instead. Ask family and friends for recommendations or see which titles have recently scooped awards. Pick a real page-turner and the pilot will be telling his team to prepare for landing in no time at all!


Imagine settling down to listen to your playlist, only to realise that your device is fully out of juice? Well, that’s one scenario you won’t need to worry about if you pack the GP TRAV O SAFE PowerBank in your hand luggage. The TRAV O SAFE will give your device a boost, with its in-built LED indicator showing you the battery level. The great thing about TRAV O SAFE is that it’s lithium-free; fully compliant with the IATA Dangerous Good Regulations, it can be carried in your check-in or carry-on baggage.

Toiletry bag

There’s nothing like a good brush-of-the-teeth and face “wash” courtesy of a face wipe to freshen you up fast, particularly when you can’t just hop in the shower. They’re an absolute must if you have an overnight flight, or have plans to meet someone as soon as you get off the plane. Other items for your toiletry bag include hand cream, lip balm and eye mask. 

With your suitcase packed and hand luggage good to go, the only thing you need to worry about now is remembering your passport!


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